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Graphology is the scientific study of varied and unique characteristics of each individual's handwriting.  As an area of forensic science, graphologists can determine the validity of signatures on important documents or checks, as well as identify who wrote a suicide letter or ransom note.

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Calligraphy, on the other hand, is the art of beautiful handwriting. 
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What do these two studies have to do with reading education?
Research shows that students who take notes in cursive writing retain ten times more information than those who take notes in manuscript. 
More importantly, students need to be able to read cursive writing in order to read many PRIMARY SOURCES, i.e., "handwritten" materials, such as diaries, journals, and historical documents.
If a student cannot WRITE in cursive, he or she cannot READ cursive.  What a handicap for our brightest and best future researchers!
THE SOLUTION:  Let's recapture the beauty and facility of cursive writing regardless of the recent trend to "forget it" in favor of keyboarding skills.  As educators of gifted and talents students, let's include cursive, manuscript, and keyboarding as important and necessary basic skills!

Without a doubt, developing an adult signature is an important step before a young person may get a drivers license or open a bank account because both require an official signature to be placed on file. 

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