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FACTS & STATS about GIFTED and TALENTED education.  Did you know... 

  • Test anxiety is one of the most serious problems affecting gifted and talented students?
By teaching our students how to identify learning and teaching styles, we are serving the psychological, social and emotional needs of our brightest and best pupils with tools they need to develop deeper self-awareness, i.e., self-identification of strengths (and weaknesses) and self-evaluation of a job well done.  Do not forget the practicalities of team building skills, time management skills, forecasting skills, research and data collecting skills, planning and organization skills, and the ever-necessary, test-taking skills. 
High-Tech-Old-School is focused on providing students, parents and educators with research-based information on the identification and intellectual development of highly functioning students in grades K-14+ (kindergarten through early college) and providing examples of strategies and lessons, which can alter the way students feel about test-taking..
I'm confident that you will be happy working with some of my suggestions. Look around the website and if you have any comments, questions, or conundrums (see word wall vocabulary), please contact me.
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